The establishment of FRIM Incorporated Sdn Bhd or FRIM Inc. in 2017 is a new commercialization platform to improvise and strengthen commercialization efforts of FRIM R&D findings and experts.

This was an enthusiastic effort initiated by YBhg Dato’ Dr. Latif Mohmod, Former Director General of FRIM.

Soon after the official launch by former YAB Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia on 2nd of February 2018, we have been recognized as the First Government-Linked Company (GLC) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE).

We performs a strategic business rooting on R&D based technologies and products and we also conduct series of promotion and marketing collateral in penetrating and to maintain the businesses.


Its futuristic design accentuates our commitment towards developing and commercializing cutting edge technologies.

Our official company colours are:

Ocean Blue in our FRIM Inc logo represents our values of community and wisdom. We take great pride in sharing the knowledge we’ve researched to educate society.

Metallic Grey symbolises our professionalism and aspirations to apply and commercialize our technologies at an industrial scale.

Our official tagline is “REALIZING UNLIMITED POTENTIAL”  which captures our spirit to unleash the full capabilities of Malaysia’s natural resources.

We look forward to bettering your lives with our variety of high-quality, locally-sourced and locally-researched products and services.


To be an integrated commercialization platform for FRIM’s Technologies and experts via strategic collaboration and partnership.



To promote and commercialize FRIM’s technologies and experts through strategic business and partnership engagement, optimizing the cost and maximizing the return to stakeholders