Rotary Veneer products from Bamboo (RoVBAM)

Yanti Abdul Kadir
Lead Researcher

Tuan Anis Nadia Tuan Saipudin
Hamdan Husin
Dato’ Dr. Marzalina Mansor
Khairul Masseat
Mohd Sopian Mukhtar

  • Unique local bamboo veneer with export quality finishing for clearly impressive, innovative and outstanding furniture products.
  • High cost of sawn timber and negative impact of deforestation is triggering higher demand for utilization of non-timber feedstocks for furniture production. Bamboo is one of the most promising candidates due to its high strength and rapid growth rate (renewable) features.
  • The enabling technology is an exclusively developed bamboo veneer production technology that meets export quality for local and global competitive market. FRIM developed rotary peeling technology uses less manpower and shorter processing cycle which eventually lead to lower overall production cost.
  • Bamboo veneer produced using this technology can be further developed into naturally attractive furniture, interior decorations and souvenirs having at par quality with wooden based products.
  • Take part in the RM18billion domestic and RM16billion export furniture markets with this unique RoVBAM technology.