Our Story

The establishment of FRIM Incorporated Sdn. Bhd. or FRIM Inc. in 2017 is a new commercialization platform to improvise and strengthen commercialization efforts of FRIM R&D findings and experts.  This was an enthusiastic effort initiated by YBhg. Datuk Dr. Latif Mohmod, Director General of FRIM.

Considered as a game changer approach, FRIM Inc. will play an important role in fostering commercialization activities whilst generating returns and market recognition to FRIM.

FRIM Inc. will perform a strategic business operation rooting from FRIM’s intangible assets such Intelligent Property (IP), technological knowhow and experts to engage and collaborate with market partners.

FRIM Inc. will conduct series of promotion and market advocating activities supported by R&D based marketing collateral in penetrating and maintaining our business. In addition to that, FRIM Inc. will work closely with various stakeholders prior to enhance our business arrangement, risk mitigation and benefits to the company.