Kacip Fatimah Standardized Extract For Body Weight Management

Dr. Mohd Kamal Nik Hasan
Lead Researcher

Dr Hamdan Husain (Lead Scientist)
Zamree Md Shah
Dr Rasadah Mat Ali
Dr Pin Kar Yong
Adib Zubaidi Rashid

  • Counting and cutting calories are too mainstream. Now you can enjoy food without the burden of extra fat. Our technology flushes the fats away.
  • FRIM Standardized Extract contains consistent composition of bioactive compounds that are effective in inhibition of fat formation activities. Thus, effectively reduce fat and cholesterol absorption.
  • Saponin bioactive compound isolated in FRIM’s Kacip Fatimah standardized extract is used to accelerate weight loss process by blocking fat absorption in the body. This saponin rich standardized extract can be further formulated into wide varieties of products either in form of supplement or functional food or beverages as a naturally effective weight loss agent.
  • Save your R&D budget and embrace our proprietary weight management technology to get the piece of cake from the projected RM875million weight management market by the year 2021.
  • About 75% of global mortalities today are caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and injury. Obesity is one of the top critical risk factor of NCDs prevalence.