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Rimba Multi- Action Insect Repellent

It is good for surface care, it kills microbes and repel insects. Non-sticky and have a pleasant smell

Price : RM19.90

Anggerik Tea

“Natural, Fragrant and Refreshing”

“Anggerik Tea” consists of four types of herbal tea such as Roselle, Misai Kucing, Garcinia and Agarwood. These four types of tea are well known for their distinctiveness and have been used for generations. This herbal tea is suitable to be consume as nutritious drink to increase health level for individuals.

Price : RM 88.00


Healthy chocolate drink made from FRIM’s R&D. Product S30 contributes energy recommended by FAO / WHO from protein, carbohydrate and fat content. A balanced macronutrient intake will keep our body in good health. Taste the benefit.

Price : RM48.00