FRIM ECO Tourism

Cik Noorsiha Ayop
Lead Scientist

Ainnur Amira Anuar Musadad
Farah Nabila Thamrin
Nooredlin Ismail
Mohamad Izham Mohd Ariffin

  • Create and capture great moments with friends and family while exploring our pristine nature.
  • Explore FRIM naturally thrilling, fun and joyful eco-tourism locations nationwide i.e. FRIM Selangor Forest Park, Cameron Highlands Montane Biodiversity Center (CH-MBC), Rafflesia Conservation and Interpretive Centre (RCIC).
  • FRIM’s ecotourism sites are offering fun, educational and sustainable ecotourism travel experiences for both local and international visitors. The well-conserved ecotourism parks are designed to encourage families and individuals to treasure the fresh natural ambiance, enjoy beautiful panorama, capture unique flora and fauna, and create everlasting bonding with nature. Come and tour these 3 locations for exciting experience.
  • Eco tourism in Malaysia is rapidly growing. FRIM Eco Tourism locations offer choices of memorable venues for 31.8million tourist’s arrival into the country that subsequently open for RM118billion of receipts cake annually.