Exterior Grade Plybamboo

Dr Mohd Khairun Anwar Uyup
Lead Scientist

Dr Hamdan Husain
Prof Paridah Md Tahir
Dr Mohd Tamizi Mustafa
Siti Rafidah Mahmud
Mat Yaacob Che Wan
Mohd Faizul Mohd Shukari

  • Bamboo is an important source of material. It is a relatively strong and versatile plant comparable to other resources. Classified under green material or naturally eco-friendly, bamboo is fast growing and sustainable.
  • Bamboo in strips form is dimensionally instable and not suitable for outdoor application as it would shrink and swell when subjected to different environmental conditions. New method was developed to improve the properties of bamboo
  • In this project, bamboo strips were impregnated with phenolic resin and hot pressed before fabricated into plybamboo. The properties of phenolic-treated is higher than those of untreated samples.
  • Resin impregnation could be considered as an alternative method to enhance the characteristics of plybamboo exposed to environmental conditions. It is suitable to be use for flooring, truck decking and garden furniture.
  • The annual global bamboo industry is estimated to worth about USD 2 billion. Concerted effort by all parties in promoting bamboo as an industry would enable Malaysia to be a major player in bamboo someday.