Engineered Lumber – The Truly Sustainable Raw Material For Wood Products Industry

Dr Wan Tarmeze Wan Ariffin  
Lead Scientist

Dr Mohd Omar Mohd Khaidzir
Dr Khairul Awang
Zairul Amin Rabidin
Mohd Jamil Abdul Wahab
Dr Mohd Noor Mahat
Faridah Mohd Azam

  • The technology turns lower quality woody materials (e.g., plantation thinnings, young trees and oil palm trunks) which are relatively weak, unstable and non-durable into engineered lumber with properties similar to those of matured tropical hardwood.
  • FRIM has acquired the know-how and technology through collaborations with the world leading engineered lumber developers from USA and Australia since 2009.
  • The engineered lumber being developed by FRIM uses non-formaldehyde based nano-resin, utilises sustainable local woody resources (including bamboo too) and to be manufactured using the proprietary expandable and mobile facility that can be placed near the raw material production.
  • With the targeted 375,000 ha of forest plantations by 2020 and the 13.6 million oil palm trunks available annually plus the virtually untouched bamboo resources (not less than 57 million clumps in P. Malaysia alone), we will not be facing shortage of raw material supply for making the engineered lumbers.
  • Due to the fact that the engineered lumber properties can be tailored for many different application, the market for it is really huge, i.e., from house framing, flooring and roofing to furniture, joinery and interior decorating.