BAKAU 4.0 – The Total Solution For Furniture And Other Wood Products Manufacturing Using Bakau Timber From Matang Forest

Dr Wan Tarmeze Wan Ariffin  
Lead Scientist

Tariq Mubarak Hussin
Khairul Masseat
Zairul Amin Rabidin
Puad Elham
Nik Adlin Nik M Sukri
Dr How Seok Sean
Dr Roszaini Kadir
Noor Azrieda Abd Rashid

  • “I understand these mangrove trees are very dense and make good charcoal but this would be like burning the Mona Lisa to keep you warm,” said Glen Barry, President of Ecological Internet Inc, a U.S.-based non-governmental organisation in 2009.
  • The 40,500 ha Matang Forest Reserve produces 120,000 tonnes of Bakau logs annually to be converted into 30,000 tonnes of charcoal which have been sold around RM1 per kg.
  • Feeling uneasy by the fact that this beautiful wood has been burnt for centuries (thus releasing carbon to the environment), FRIM’s researchers took the challenge to end the practise by finding ways to turn Bakau wood into long term carbon storing products such as high quality furniture and interior decor.
  • A decade of R&D has now enabled FRIM to provide total solution for furniture and other wood products manufacturing using Bakau wood which also includes the sustainable raw material supply and management of wood residues.
  • Be part of our earth caring efforts to transform the mere RM30 million bakau charcoal industry into RM300 million and more bakau multi-products industry!