Baeckea Frutescens Extract For Anti Gout Herbal Remedies From Cucur Atap

Dr Fadzureena Jamaludin
Lead Scientist

Nuziah Hashim
Dr Zunoliza Abdullah
Fauziah Abdullah

  • Effective natural based noninvasive gout treatment. Let this technology flushes the uric acid away.
  • FRIM proprietary SEBF extract contains consistent composition of bioactive compounds that are effective in inhibiting uric acid formation and promoting uric acid secretion. Thus, effective against gout attack prevention. This standardized extract can be further formulated into wide varieties of products either in form of supplement or functional food or beverages as a naturally effective anti-gout agent.
  • Gout patient does not only suffer from painful attack and disability, but it also increase risk of getting heart attack and stroke. The usage of drug-based medication for gout treatment is one of the solution to this problem but it may imposed side effect to the consumers such as headache, stomach upsets, nausea, flu symptoms, kidney related side effects and kidney stones.