Agarwood Oils And Extracts For Personal And Cosmeceutical Use

Dr Nor Azah Mohd Ali
Lead Scientist

Mailina Jamil
Saidatul Husni Saidin
Dr Vimala Subramaniam
Abdul Majid Jalil
Siti Humeirah Abd Ghani
Azrina Aziz
Mohd Faridz Zolpatah

  • Rejuvenate and comfort your skin with the luxury touch of natural antioxidant at reasonable cost without compromising safety and health.
  • Explore natural-based product from exclusively precious agarwood extract that are perfect solution for maintaining a fair and spotless complexion. Reveal, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy skin for your youthful look and vibrant beauty with this precious plant.
  • Standardized agarwood extract that has high anti-oxidant compound produced by FRIM is used in this technology formulation for light, firm and youthful looking skin. This high anti-oxidant standardized extract compound could also be applied in perfume, aroma therapy, medicinal, beverage, incense and also insect repellent applications.
  • As dermatology became highly patronized industry with projected USD3.1billion global market value by 2021, agarwood extract will perfectly fits the industry quests for natural based skin whitening and anti-aging solution