Aedes Biobased Biodiesel Fuel (ABBF) as an Active Ingredient In Mosquito Fogging Activities

Dr Wan Asma Ibrahim
Lead Scientist

Kuzaini Hamidon

  • Environmental friendly lab tested mosquito fogging agent from waste cooking oil (WCO).
  • Safer and lesser rippling odour of ABBF mosquito fogging agent technology is based on cost effective, simplified and time saving proprietary FRIM process scheme.
  • The technology process drain clogging waste cooking oil into environmental friendly mosquito fogging agent called ABBF (Aedes Bio Based Fuel) that emits more tolerate-able fog and odour. Mosquitos like malaria, dengue and zika are among contributors that causing health threat to human. Conventional fogging that associated with rippling odour is the current approach in addressing the issue. ABBF offers ready to use blend of environmental friendly fogging agent for fogging operation.
  • The purpose built biodiesel based fogging agent nicely fits within the estimated Malaysian market potential of about RM67.8million annually.